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Expo Dynamo -
Supporting display excellence
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Expo Dynamo -
Supporting display excellence


Booth example PDFs

Saved in batches of 50 booths per file: 101-150, 51-100, 2-50

Information PDFs

Suggested assembly methods of: a circle, a circle (with cross bars), a corner/quadrant, a 6in square
Information: Imperial to decimal and metric conversion chart
Information: Quick panel explanation
Counters: Basic counter examples

Rollable PDFs

Many of our booth examples are available as rollable PDFs. Once downloaded, click and hold with the mouse on framework image,
the framework can then be viewed at any angle. ** Ensure rollable files are opened with Adobe Reader.

For suggested hardware numbering technique please click here

Rollable booth examples as rollable files (click to each view) : BE005, BE009, BE010, BE016, BE018, BE021, BE023, BE025,
BE026, BE027, BE033, BE034, BE035, BE037, BE038, BE040, BE041, BE042, BE043, BE047, BE066, BE072, BE073, BE076,
BE077, BE081, BE082, BE083, BE084, BE090, BE093, BE096, BE097, BE104, BE107, BE108, BE109, BE114, BE122, BE129, BE134,


Technical specs for distributors

For a copy of our complete technical specifications please request via our contact form.